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Code Lyoko 10th anniversary rewatch: EXTRA (Season 1)

A joke circulating includes this episode (Cruel Dilemma) as the one that begins a long series of misadventures for Yumi, lasting five episodes: “pick on Yumi week” (fallen into the Digital Sea; imprisoned by a Guardian; chased by an alien; targeted by a satellite; chased by samurai armour).

BEST OF: Just in time


Alternatively, here’s the most hilarious toy ever

BEST OF: Just in time


Wow, I was in such a code lyoko mood today. XD Some Aelita sketches I made earlier.


Did you know how hard it was drawing wolves? I also tried making the lighting and atmosphere similar to the original picture but I didnt want to completely butcher the picture.

At this point, I feel I’m going to do all the episodes at least once.

ulrich---stern Aelita's Theme Code Lyoko: Evolution Themes



((It kinda repeats, but the software I was using shit the bed on me so this was as far as I had gotten with this theme. It sounds pretty cool so far, though.))


Favourite CLE Moments (1/?)

Lyoko Warriors: Aelita Schaeffer
“Right, and logic is also what remains to people with no imagination.”



ill start talking about code lyoko in school and then somebody will be like OMG I REMEMBER CODE LYOKO and then i just


let me help you remember all of it



I decided to see how much of the Code Lyoko theme song I could fit on Yumi’s forehead using size 12 Arial font…for science

Conclusion:All of it, with room to spare

this is my fucking favorite post on tumblr


A little late to the party, but better late than never~

Happy anniversary Code Lyoko! I’ve only been around for 7 of the 10 years the show has, but they’ve been a bloody great 7 years. The show inspired me to improve my drawing skills and my French, I’ve met lots of fantastic people along the way and I just can’t imagine life without it. The show may have had some flaws, but its interesting art style, 2D/3D innovation, strong and realistic characters and compelling storyline far overpower them. So thank you to the creators of the show and everyone who developed it, to the friends I’ve been able to share it with and to Code Lyoko for this thrilling adventure.


I love this show so much like, you have no idea.